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 Troop 123 Mission and Purpose


Our mission is straightforward: to help our scouts understand, achieve, and maintain the Aims of Scouting. These aims are to develop future leaders of strong character, good citizenship, and physical, mental, and moral fitness. We want our scouts to actively participate in and seek to understand what the goals and purposes of scouting are all about - in a positive and safe environment.                

Troop activities are meant to provide our Scouts with an opportunity to develop and test new skills, to learn about the outdoors, and to work together as patrols. Patrols and the   troop are led by youth leaders (Scouts) requiring cooperation, teamwork, and organization. The Scoutmaster, his assistants, and all of the adult leaders provide oversight and guidance, as well as positive adult examples. Our advancement program challenges Scouts to learn new skills, and to gain self-confidence and recognition for their achievements along the way.

Any boy (from any town) between the ages of 11 and 18 can join the troop at anytime. We meet Wednesday evenings at the New Boston Community Church - stop by to check us out. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to check out our website or email Scoutmaster Tom Lazott with questions or ideas for our Troop (scoutmaster@newboston123.mytroop.us).   Thank you for visiting!

This Week's Meeting - February 10th, 2016

Posted on Feb 9 2016 - 8:08am

This week we will be meeting at the Church at our usual time to regroup and check-up on where we all individually stand on rank requirements and merit badges.  We'll have theposterboard with all our names and statuses, do some teaching, get all those requirements signed off and have some fun!!!!  Don't forget to bring your books!

Klondike 2016 Was a BLAST!

Posted on Feb 9 2016 - 8:01am

Congrats to all of the scouts that slept out and participated in this year's Klondike Derby!  Our teams did very well, both finishing in the Top Ten, and winning the Winter Camping and Woods Tools Station Awards.  On top of that impressive performance, the Cannon Patrol earned more nuggets than ANY other sled in the competition to earn the Scout Spirit Award!  We will be scheduling a celebration meeting soon to enjoy these awards. THANK YOU to all of the adults including Mr. Hunter, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Jacob, Mr. LaPointe and Mrs. Towsley in particular for all of their efforts to help make the weekend a success!

PLC Meeting Moved to NEXT Week!

Posted on Feb 9 2016 - 7:58am

Due to the snow, Primary Day, etc. we will reschedule our February PLC meeting to NEXT Tuesday, February 16th!

Meeting This Week - Wednesday February 3rd - NOTE LOCATION - Mr. Hunter's House Again!

Posted on Feb 2 2016 - 9:19am

This week we will focus on the following:  1)  Scouts Select Chuckwagon Patch Design - Bring yours if You Have one!  2) Equipment Trailer Cleaning and Klondike Prep and Plant and Animal ID.  PLEASE NOTE:  There will NOT be a Committee Meeting at the NB Community Church.  We are ONLY meeting at Mr. Hunter's House (6:30 to 8:00).  Thank you to the Hunters for hosting again!!!

Please RSVP for Upcoming Nobscot Campout Weekend of January 29th - LAST CALL

Posted on Jan 24 2016 - 11:13am

If you have NOT RSVP'd already please do so TODAY - we need to finalize our logistics for next weekend.  THANK YOU!!

This Week's Meeting - January 27th - NOTE LOCATION is Mr. Hunter's House

Posted on Jan 24 2016 - 11:12am

This week we will be meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Hunter's house located at 116 Riverdale Road.  We will be checking out the progress on the Troop trailer and preparing equipment and demonstrating gear as needed for our upcoming trips to Nobscot Scout Reservation and Klondike at camp Carpenter.  Wear outdoor clothes.  We'll fire up the stoves for hot chocolate and have a campfire for fellowship!

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