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 Troop 123 Mission and Purpose


Our mission is straightforward: to help our scouts understand, achieve, and maintain the Aims of Scouting. These aims are to develop future leaders of strong character, good citizenship, and physical, mental, and moral fitness. We want our scouts to actively participate in and seek to understand what the goals and purposes of scouting are all about - in a positive and safe environment.                

Troop activities are meant to provide our Scouts with an opportunity to develop and test new skills, to learn about the outdoors, and to work together as patrols. Patrols and the   troop are led by youth leaders (Scouts) requiring cooperation, teamwork, and organization. The Scoutmaster, his assistants, and all of the adult leaders provide oversight and guidance, as well as positive adult examples. Our advancement program challenges Scouts to learn new skills, and to gain self-confidence and recognition for their achievements along the way.

Any boy (from any town) between the ages of 11 and 18 can join the troop at anytime. We meet Wednesday evenings at the New Boston Community Church - stop by to check us out. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to check out our website or email Scoutmaster Tom Lazott with questions or ideas for our Troop (scoutmaster@newboston123.mytroop.us).   Thank you for visiting!

This Week's Meeting - April 20th

Posted on Apr 19 2016 - 8:15pm

This week's meeting will consist of going through the basic knowledge and requirements of the geocaching merit badge. We will be getting together and doing this in either troops or patrols. When this activity is done, we may sign off on requirements or play a game. Bring your class B's and scoutbooks!

This Week's Meeting - Wednesday April 13th

Posted on Apr 12 2016 - 7:47pm

Right after the meeting opening at the Church we will head outdoors to start learning about Geocaching!  Dress appropiately and bring a headlamp.  Bring a GPS if you have one!  From now until May our meetings will focus on learning about and completing as much of the Geocaching and Forestry MBs as we can.  See you tomorrow night! 

2016 Chuckwagon Derby a Sucess!

Posted on Apr 12 2016 - 7:41pm

Thanks to all that helped plan, coordinate, and staff our campsite at Camp carpenter for this District Event including Mr. Estano, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Young, and Mrs. Towsley.  Thanks to Mrs. Nixon for helping the grubmaster, Jack L. for working the ange all day and to all the scouts that helped show the 275 Cub Scouts in attendance what scout spirit is all about!  Troop123 has been asked to help coordinate next year's Chuckwagon and the theme has already been determined:  Cub Pirates of the Carribean!

This Week's Meeting - April 6th

Posted on Apr 3 2016 - 7:57pm

This week's meeting will be at the church and be for preparation for the Chuckwagon camping trip. We will be planning meals, ideas, skits, and more. The theme of the Chuckwagon will be Space/Star Wars/Astronauts. We will also be picking tent buddies. Bring your books and notebooks. We may have a game at the end if we have time, and scouts that are not going to the campout can do rank requirements.

This Week's Meeting - March 30th

Posted on Mar 27 2016 - 6:53pm

This week's meeting will be a court of honor, so be prepared and wear the necessary clothing. This clothing is your Class A uniform, including the sash. Also, bring your scoutbooks. The scouts will also be getting their merit badges and rank advancements. Moms, don't forget your ribbons. There will be a PowerPoint presentation on the August canoe trip in Maine. 

This Week's Meeting - March 23rd DIFFERENT LOCATION

Posted on Mar 22 2016 - 5:28pm

In this week's meeting, we will be meeting at Xavier's house which is at 365 Mont Vernon Road, New Boston. We may be introducing a couple new knots and lashings. We will either have a patrol build-off competition, or a large troop structure that we all contribute to. There will be a time for the meeting to be blocked off for requirement signoff, and making sure everyone is prepared and ready for the next Court of Honor. Bring your scout books, any completed blue cards, and your class B! 

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